Star Automotive LLC in Fillmore, CA

Star Automotive LLC in Fillmore, California, nestled in Ventura County, is a small city rich in agricultural heritage and charming early 20th-century architecture. Founded in 1887 with the arrival of the Southern Pacific Rail line, Fillmore was named after J. A. Fillmore, a superintendent for the railroad. This small city, often called "The Last Best Small Town," encapsulates a blend of historical significance and modern rural charm, making it a unique spot in Southern California. Geographically, Fillmore is located in the Santa Clara River Valley, at the base of the Topatopa Mountains and near the Los Padres National Forest. It is an area known for its fertile land, which supports a variety of agricultural activities, primarily citrus, avocado farming, and more recently, specimen tree farming. The city's economy and cultural landscape are deeply intertwined with these agricultural roots.!